July 30, 2015

Thursday Mixer--All Blogs Post the Same Stuff Tee

I think that I first saw this shirt on The Man Repeller and, being a style blogger, I fell in love with the irony of it.  And then I saw it on our California vacation back in 2013 and I wanted to buy it, but I ended up passing and saving the money for the kids instead.  But I kept track of it and when I had the money to buy it, I did immediately.

I'm thinking it cost me about $20, but it has been worth it.  Because even though I only have worn it 7 times on the blog, I grab for it all the time in real life.  And even still, the documented price per wear is less than $3.  Perf.

Top Left to Right-1, 2, 3
Bottom Left to Right- Now, 2, 3, 4 


Black and White Striped Pencil Skirt-Target
All Blogs Post the Same Stuff-American Apparel
Pink and Grey Striped Sheer Button Down Blouse-Old Navy
Silver Oxfords-thrifted
Starfish Earrings-Touchstone Crystals, c/o 

July 29, 2015

Wordy Wednesday--Buying Local

Ever since our South Dakota vacation and subsequently Vegas--I've really slacked on my resolutions.  But one of the ones I really wanted to keep was buying only local for a week.  I am going to share my experiences on Friday, but I can say that the Whole 30 has definitely helped with that goal.  Here are some great quotes for you on why you should buy local too!



Camel Skinny Jeans-Jordache
Striped Peplum-Kohls
Studded Gladiator Sandals-Target

July 28, 2015

Share the Covers--Leaving on a Jet Plane (2)

I've already featured another cover of this song by Peter, Paul and Mary, but I fell in love with this cover by one of my favorite bands, Slightly Stoopid . . . 

And it fits because last weekend I went on a little Mother/Daughter weekend to Las Vegas with my mom and little sister.  Of course, if you follow me on Instagram (and if you're not--you should IMO), you already know this.

It was a lot of fun--though too short of course.  Mostly it was just nice to spend time with my mom and sister.  They truly are two of my very best friends and I am so lucky to have such a great relationship with both of them.

This is not to say that we do not have our differences.  My sister, for example, is quite outgoing where I am more introverted.  My sister, much like her oldest daughter, makes friends with everyone she meets.  I'm not kidding you.  She came home with at least a dozen phone numbers.

And I don't mean men's numbers.  I mean the married couple on the shuttlebus.  I mean some of the women she met poolside at the hotel.  I mean that she made friends with taxi drivers, father and son guests of the hotel, children, old people, married people and waitstaff.

This girl, I tell you.  She could find a friend anywhere.  Meanwhile, I was over here all . . . let's not.  #nooffense #notapeopleperson

Blue Sequined Pencil Skirt-Forever 21
Boom Sweatshirt-3.1 Philip Lim for Target
Black Mules-Vera Wang
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